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We’ve developed five pieces of open technology that we use:

Colorado Top Bar & the Barcelona Warre

The Colorado Top Bar & the Barcelona Warre beehives are open source, flat pack, snap fit hives that respect natural beekeeping principles to create ideal conditions for your bees. Buy them from us or make them in your local Fab Lab or maker space.

Field Data Logger
Raspberry Pi with Microphone & Infrared Camera

The Field Data Logger is used to gather pristine audio and video data from beehives, and we use this information to train the classification algorithm used to detect what state your bees are in.

Beehive Classification Algorithm
Beehive Audio Listening Software

The Beehive Classification Algorithm analyzes hive audio signals, identifies unique properties in the sound, and correlates them with a growing list of beehives conditions like swarming, wax moth invasion, or even catastrophe (theft or invasion).

Buzz Box Hardware
Custom board that monitors ambient & hive conditions.

The Buzz Box Hardware is a custom designed board that can be noninvasively installed in your hive. It tracks external and internal temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, battery charge, hive vibration, and it has a high fidelity microphone. It is solar powered and streams the data via WiFi or GSM to your smart phone application.

Buzz Box Application
The best mobile companion.

The Buzz Box Application is a mobile app that can be used to remotely monitor your hive conditions. The system will automatically determine what your bees are doing and send you notifications if anything significant changes.